Karam Family Tree

Captain Habib Karam

Founder & Winemaker

An Airline Captain by heart and trade. While flying over the Southern mountains of Lebanon, his passion for wine made him long to be amongst the vines. And so, Karam Wines was born.

Thouraya Karam


Former auditor for Ernst & Young who left the corporate world to join the family business. Thouraya came to think that auditing is a lot more fun with a good glass of wine.

John Karam

Viticulture & Enology

Raised amongst the Jezzine vines, John became an agricultural engineer & enologist. He was under the tutelage of Château Angélus & Château Latour. He is currently a wine buyer for Casino.

It is a firm belief in the Karam family that wine brings people together. We aim to unite people in moments filled with laughter, joy and love.